3. WILU Conference

  1. Introduction (15 mins):
  2. Demonstration (45 mins)-you will see a video created in real-time, including:
    • Scripting
    • Shooting
    • Screen Capture
    • PowerPoint animation
    • Editing
  3. Break (15 mins)
  4. Activity (1 hour 45 mins) – In this activity you will be creating a short video for your website or one of your classes.
    • Customize our script to create a “Finding Articles” video for your library, or customize this blank template to create a different video (e.g. MLA, APA, intro to your library website, etc.)
    • Film at least two live action shots (an intro and outro) using a FlipVideo camera.
    • Film a screencast using CamStudio. Use the headset to record your narration.
    • Create and film a short animation in PowerPoint. Use the headset to record your narration.
    • Edit your video using Windows Live Movie Maker:
      • import your footage into Movie Maker
      • trim your clips to remove any superfluous footage
      • add a title slide
      • add rolling credits (for people and content)
      • add transitions
    • Produce the video in a format for YouTube.
    • Save the video project for future edits.

Recommendations for budgeting your time:

  1. Editing the script (20 mins)
  2. Shooting (10 mins)
  3. Screen Capture or Animation (30 mins)
  4. Editing (35 mins)
  5. Producing and uploading (10 mins)

Rubric for activity:

Checklist for creating an “advanced” short educational/instructional video

Session Handout

Facilitator materials: script ; slides