2. Scripting

Complete summary of the video

But I don’t want to read from a script!

A script is not meant to limit what you say on film nor is it meant for you to read from. A script is a plan for your video and will save you a lot of time during filming and post-production!

While a script isn’t as flashy as the visuals, it’s the gas that will power your video’s audio and visuals. Without a great script, you can’t have a great video. From: http://e-geeking.blogspot.ca/2013/10/devlearn-2013-day-1.html

I use a script to both outline what I want to say and storyboard what I want to happen on screen. For example:

Formatting a script

There are specific ways of formatting a professional script (say if you were submitting a screenplay to a producer) but you can format YOUR educational video script however it makes sense to you.

I like to:

  • use all caps for character names and for major scene changes
  • use italics for all scene directions
  • indent and double space to add as much white space as possible, this makes it easier to read during filming and gives you space to write notations and changes

Some people like to use tables to organize all the information too. See below for a couple of examples and feel free to use these as templates.

One page of script typed in 12 pt Calibri font, double spaced and indented is about 1 minute of film.

Sample scripts

Here are a few formats that you can use to script/storyboard your video: